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Project: Arboriculture Immersive Cave

As a 3D modeler in this project team, my main responsibilities were building the Kowloon Park and, Haiphong Road, Worker equipments, animation of operating the chainsaw, and realistic trees.

Since this simulation software is used to train a real-world tree assessor, a realistic tree with different defects on the tree crown, trunk, and root(e.g. trunk decay, branch cavity, dieback twigs) are the main challenges in this project.

Project Website:

Demo Video:


Tree Render:

Project: Emotional Planet

Emotional Planet is my final year project in my digital media degree, the project is an interactive installation. In this project, I was charged the animated part and the animated presenting.

Project Abstract

This project aims to promote the positive attitude through an interactive
installation. We deliver our concept through an interactive holographic animation to bring out human emotions are strong enough which has the power to affect our world. We analyze the audiences’ facial expression collected by a camera and determine their emotions. The program will update the 3D animation according to the number of different types of emotion collected.

For example, when the server collected enough happiness emotion, the planet will upgrade to the next civilization. There are five level of civilization. When it collects sadness, the civilization will downgrade. Also, the emotion recognition system can recognize four kinds of emotion. Each emotion would have different weather animation that affect the planet.



3D Model

Low poly Planet

Video preview:

Project: Nature Internet (Prize-winning project)

Nature Internet is my Final Year Project at Higher Diploma in Multimedia. In this project, I’m the main designer who is responsible for 3D modeling, graphics (including Digital booklet, logo) and prototype production.

2015 Pan-Pearl River Delta Region University IT Project Competition – Silver medal



Project Abstract
The purpose of this project is to encourage people to go out and make more interaction with trees around them by using our project’s mobile application. The environment data collect device(based on Arduino Platform) would be set up on the target treesThe collected data will then be sent to the program and used to determine the state of the tree


eBook (PDF):

Interactive 3D Animation:

This 3D animation is played according to the data collected from the device. For example, if the sensor senses raindrops, the animation will change from sun-shining to raining.

Device Design


Gen2 Design:


Mobile App Screen Shot: